For centuries they have lived among us, remained hidden in the human world...until now. The blood hunt is on and this is a Dracula’s game.
It‘s the year 1981, an epidemic outbreak caused by a deadly virus has spread, taking over the world with darkness of bat-like degenerates roaming the night. With a massive blood shortage and the fear of wiping out the human race completely, an underground group of botched scientists have planned to harvest humans to stake for vampires to continue their strict diet of $BLOOD. These vampires must feed! Eternal human bloodlust is their greatest weakness and they have striked a deal for blood to blood transfusions. As the thirst accelerates, the demand for humans to stake blood has become a highly profitable black market.
With the very first Metaverse blood trade, humans have the condition to stake their blood at the lab. Here vampires can sink their teeth into a human, feed and drain while attached to a tube for blood transfusions. As The Bloodsucking Elites derive from their human utility, vampires would simply not exist without managing their resources.
Bound and hung, the stake-weilding humans can stay alive in an authorized deal from a feeding vampire for $BLOOD earnings. While you are facing the mounting blood-thirst of a night creature after all, unstake from your tube and the insatiable vampire will try to steal all your accumulated $BLOOD! But of course, there have been a few riots outside the lab. Far-right vampires who are pro-humans are willing to fight for human freedom. And for those who escape, will feel the wrath of protestors with signs that say “thrill of the hunt” and “free food!” - a small tax you pay for leaving the system.
As the blood lab is now the largest supplier of human blood drives, it’s now revealed that these vampires are willing to pay the extra price for the real thing. $BLOOD is worth exorbitant prices, a breeding is in place to clone and as with new humans, it’s only primitive that they try to kidnap it’s fresh meat. These vampires will glide about on batwings tracking down the tastiest prey, it’s a stockpile and harvest-for-yourself fight and only the most cunning vamp will be greedy enough.
With so much at stake, will this human-vampire ecosystem stabilize in time? Will vampires become greedy or will humans have the chance to re-populate?
Will you play human or will you play vampire ? All we know for sure is humans are a vampires worst enemy, and their food.
  • There will be 5349 gen 0 minted with $SOL.
  • Then the other generation will be minted with $BLOOD.
  • A human can stake at the lab to earn $BLOOD.
  • If you harvest to claim your $BLOOD you have to pay a tax to the vampire or they kill you.
  • Unstake is at your own risk, the vampires are waiting for you at the exit of the lab to take all your $BLOOD.
  • When a new human is born, the vampires attempt to kidnap it. If they’re successful, it’s given to a randomly selected vampire, instead of the owner who minted it.
  • Possibility to stake your nft in a lottery instead of the game to earn a huge cash prize.
  • Burning mechanism to keep the price of the $BLOOD high and have a high ROI/day.
  • Staking system for your $BLOOD to earn different cryptocurrencies from $Solana ecosystem with high APR.
Minting Price
GenerationMint price
Gen 0: 0 to 53480.75 sol
Gen 1: 5349 to 1069725 000 $BLOOD
Gen 2: 10698 to 1604650 000 $BLOOD
Gen 3: 16407 to 2139575 000$ BLOOD
You have a 90% chance to mint a human. Your daily reward will depend on which group of blood your human is. Each group of blood has an advantage.
Gen 0 (daily)Staking rewardHarvest TaxStaking timeUnstaking RiskEarnings after taxes
Human O14K25%6 days30%10.5K
Human A10K20%4 days40%8K
Human B8K15%2 days50%6.8K
During the game, here is the action you will have to do to earn your will. You have some conditions to respect if you want to keep your $BLOOD.
Enter in the lab (Stake)The human enters in the lab to create $BLOOD and earned between 8k & 14k/dayNo risk
Drink $BLOOD (Harvest)The human can drink between 75-85% of the $BLOOD accumulatedThe vampire is gonna steal between 15-25% of your $BLOOD during the harvest cause you need to go outside the lab for fews seconds.
Leave the lab (Unstake)Leaving the lab after 2-6 days of staking to fight against vampires.You go outside to fight against the vampire but you have between 30-50% to lose all the $BLOOD accumulated against a vampire.
For the next generation the reward will be the same but some conditions about the harvest, staking time and unstaking may differ and you will be informed about it before the release.
You will have 10% to mint a vampire. If you have a vampire you will earn more $BLOOD than human and all the vampire will have the same rewarding system. We can’t give exact data about your daily reward as it all depends on the harvest and unstake of humans.
Stay around the labThe vampires are waiting for a humanNo risk
Drink $BLOOD (Harvest)The vampire drinks the $BLOOD of all humans he attacksNo risk
Leave the lab (Unstake)Leaving the lab after 2 days. You will search for a new lab but have a 20% chance to not find a new one and lose all your $BLOOD
The vampire will have a 10% chance to kidnap your human from the younger generation.
Gamble System
When you harvest you have the opportunity to double or nothing and quadruple or nothing.
For the mint of generation 1, 2, 3 you will have the opportunity to gamble your mint. You pay 20% of the mint price of the generation and you have a 10% chance to finish with a successful mint. Example: It’s gen 2 time so you can pay 10 000 $BLOOD and you have 10% chance to finish with a successful mint.
You can stake your NFT in a lottery instead of the staking of the game. Every 3 days we will run a new lottery and 10 raffle winners will be drawn randomly. The cash prize amount will depend on the staked supply in the lottery.
For example if there is 20% of the supply staked in the lottery the cash prize will to share of 27m $BLOOD so 2.7 millions/pers. At the starting price of $BLOOD it will be worth 10k$.
Supply & Burn mechanism
The maximum $BLOOD supply is 2,674,500,000 $BLOOD:
  • When supply reaches 1,283,760,000 $BLOOD earned for staking, the staking “faucet” turns off.
  • The 320,940,000 $BLOOD reserved for the team will be used to burn the supply.
  • Community Rewards will be allocated 1,069,800,000 $BLOOD
We will add 1604 $SOL from the mint for the $BLOOD Liquidity Pool and the Staking pool
  • We will start with a price of: 1 $BLOOD = 0.000035 $SOL. With this price you will generate between 0.2-0.35 SOL/day in $BLOOD
To burn the supply we have in mind different options to assure a good ROI to all our holders.
  • All the $BLOOD used to mint the gen 1, 2 & 3 will be burned.
  • A percentage of royalties will be used.
  • Liquidity provider fee of our token will be used to buy back.
  • The lottery and gamble system are here to reduce the daily reward per user in the goal to burn more supply
  • All the unstaking tax for vampires will be burned too.
We are going to add liquidity in different vaults.
  • You will be able to stake your $BLOOD received by your vampire or your human and earn different currencies like $SOL or $RAY.
KYC, Devnet & Team
We understand that community trust is important to us, our dedicated team is committed to user security and that's why we have carried out a KYC check with AssureDefi. The project will also be reviewed by RadRugs.
As the thriving NFT market continually grows, financial criminals are becoming more creative, including perpetrators and relentless rug pulls. Our solution to this problem? Making significant measures to ensure that our biggest priority is safeguarding the community to inspire trust and respect for all. During this process we invite early investors and supporters to follow our journey with upcoming announcements, plans for beta online days before mint and exploring options that are safe, amiable and mutually beneficial.
With your confidence, our aim is to be community powered.
As part of a team who has been in Solana’s NFT Space, I have been in the positive mindset since buying my first Solana Monkey Business at 4 SOL, minting DAA, Thug Birdz, Aurory and more... We have also seen rug pulls and I have been the victim of one. We respect everybody and love the spirit of this space and this is why we are going to do the best for our community. - The Dracula Game, Team
About US
Edward, Solana Lead Developer
Solana & Rust engineer, contributed to DeFi protocols & an NFT marketplace in Solana ecosystem.
Has been in software industry for over 8 years as a full-stack engineer, technical lead developer, devops engineer, product manager and technical officer wearing different hats.
Tai, Front-end Lead Developer
Senior Front-end developer with over 7 years of proven leadership and meaningful contributions to teams of varying sizes and scope.
Passionate about going the extra mile to ensure the customer is unquestionably satisfied with the product or service provided.
Athan, Full stack Developer
Senior Full stack developer with 8 years of proven experience and meaningful contributions to teams of varying sizes and scope.
Strong experience in P2E and crypto analyze with multiple investments.
Dark Alucard, entrepreneur since 2008.
Set up a company with 10 employees and sold it in 2019. I am also a long time investor, started with real estate in 2010 and now an NFT/Crypto investor from 2020.
My involvement in Crypto currencies has led me into investing short term projects such as shitcoins and long term projects in ETH, now in Solana Blockchain. With more than four years experience specialising in marketing, my portfolio has included building strategies in tech and managing eCommerce platforms.
With the team we are an international group that has found the same drive and passion for P2E and R2E, more so, I am a big believer that this ever growing community cannot be ignored.
Lord Impaler,
It has been a year since i started to really invest in the diverse world of NFT’s and more especially within the Solana blockchain. One of our key aims that has brought our team together is our combined passion for P2E/R2E, especially for building an improved R2E that we feel is a gap in the Solana ecosystem.
Besides this, my interests has included ventures specialising in community growth management, business advisory and mentorship while actively supporting small start up companies. With this, I am proud to be involved in different Solana projects to bring a wide range of expertise and to be the co-founder of Dracula Game.
Dracula, crypto since 2017, NFT addict since 2021 (I'm rich in jpeg).....
As the co-founder of Dracula Game, my professional role is the head of marketing development and strategy in our community of bloodsuckers.
With a masters in Digital Marketing & Communication, my expertise and skills have developed in Crypto Currency since 2017 leading to a wealth of knowledge with the introduction of the NFT marketplace in 2020. This was just the beginning of the NFT market on Solana for me actually, a plethora of possibilities! Here, I bought my very first NFT and invested in Solana Monkey Business at 4 Sol (at that time 1sol = $70.) Since that day, I never left the NFT market.
From there... my history in NFT investing went into other major project mints; ThugBirdz, DAA, Aurory, DeGods, SolStead... who remembers solamanders? Or the bears? Good old times... I was never really active on Social Media or DAO but I have always been looking around. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly in this space along with some funny stories but I can't speak about all of them here!
In addition to R2Es, my experience in playing has been quite a few of them on AVAX and ETH and now expanding in Solana. My attention to other likeminded games has led me to analyse what works and what doesn’t here. Personally, some games has been quite disappointing for me such as Cops Game and I am currently seeing how Neon game is doing just to share my thoughts.
With this, my vision to identify and develop a new way of practising implementations to the system is to give attributes to the world of Tokenomics. We hope to strike a balance with critical thinking and enhanced longevity, while focusing on engaging a community and add value to our audience.